Monday, September 16, 2013

Re-motivated to work on Sapphire!

Life has been absolutely insane lately.  I moved in with my mother and boy was that a mistake as far as my stitching goes.  I didn't even stitch at all from January till I moved out, and even then it took about a month for me to pick my stitching back up again without feeling guilty about working on it.  Then I picked up something easy to stitch so that I could work myself back up to my Sapphire project.  I started reading over the HAED bulletin board and my stitchy-bug for Sapphire came back so I've been working on it a little bit.  I have almost half of the next row down so stay tuned for an update shortly.  I am determined to work on this again.  I picked up one and only one! project since I moved out of my moms and I finished it a week ago or so.  Yes, me!  I had a finish but it felt really good to work on my stitching again AND have a finish.  I will continue working on this next row of Sapphire.  It will be coming soon!


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