Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Page 1 Row 4 Done

Finally feeling a bit better tho not sure what's going on with me yet.  I just finished a row.  I finally got to stitch something other than background!  Here are the pics!


  1. ooo its really starting to look like something! lol

  2. I've had my eye on this pattern for a while. I traditionally only have 1 pattern on the go at any time, and I've got three lined up before I even order this one, but she has caught my eye for quite a while.

    She is looking beautiful!

    Question for you... I've never used that blue pen for gridding. I have one, but I have heard all sorts of horror stories, like the ink will sometimes reappear even after it's been washed off (not quite sure how that works) and that it bleeds into the lighter threads.

    What are your experiences with using this pen? I'm interested to hear.

    I've got some Heaven and Earths that I will start as soon as my linen arrives.

  3. Rai Rai! I'm kind of new to the gridding scene myself. I've really only used and washed it out on one project and it came out now problem at the time. I have since given that pattern away and have no heard if the lines reappeared or not. I will have to ask to find out. Interesting to know. So far, in my experience, it's come right out. I used Dawn dish soap under a running tap and it came out no problem! Hope that helps!



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