Sunday, October 21, 2012

Page 1 Row 1 done

The first 800 stitches have been completed in this project!  I now have the first row on page 1 done.  There weren't as many color changes or confetti as I expected so that's nice, but with the big blocks of the same color I noticed I got bored easily.  That could be because the colors are so dark there's not much of a difference in them.  I have also noticed that it is stitching up darker than what it looks in the project sample picture but that is okay, it will look fantastic when done.  Also in column 4 I seem to have gridded only 9 spaces instead of 10 so if it looks like I'm off on my gridding I am.  I just pretended I didn't notice my mistake and am just sorta ignoring the gridding till I can fix my problem.  Here are the update pictures I just took!



Sample text

Sample Text

Sample Text