Thursday, September 26, 2013

Page 2, Row 6 Finally Done!!

I finally finished my next row of stitches, only took me 9 months! LOL!  Sorry it took soooo long to update, life has been completely insane since January.  I didn't even stitch at all, not even non-HAED projects from January till July.  I finally got my stitching bug back around July and worked on a simple blackwork project.  I found lots of different blackwork squares in a free download, used my own fabric, and put a little spin on it and it looked good.  I even finished it!  I started reading the HAED board and finally got myself re-motivated to work on my Sapphire project.  I don't know how I didn't stitch on anything for sooo long.  My stitching is such a therapeutic thing for me.  If my mind is racing with everything going on it slows my thinking down because I have to concentrate so I don't make (as many) mistakes.  If I need to think and come up with an opinion or whatever is going on at that given time it allows me to concentrate on that one issue and stitch.  It's so soothing and helpful.  The change in me not stitching, to stitching again is that I have surrounded myself with people who support my hobby, not make me feel guilty for doing it and make me pack it away.  I'm grateful to those people and you all know who you are.  I really enjoy sitting and watching TV and stitching or watching my guy play video games while I stitch.  It's been good so I hope this streak of having my stitchy bug continues, especially for my Sapphire project.  Okay now that I've written a novel I will share the pictures of my new row.  I believe I have started the background behind the girl.  I seem to be getting out of the grays/purples and more into the blues that are behind her.  We shall see if that continues in the next row.  I should have this page completed soon, unless my life turns even more crazy and I pray it doesn't.  Anyway, here are the update pictures.


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