Monday, June 9, 2014

Update on Sapphire and Life and the SAL

Wow!  Where do I begin to even update you.  So many things, so I'll try not to write a novel but once I get typing all bets are off.  Massive changes have happened.  First, I have been dealing and eliminating some toxic relationships in my life and it has proved a challenge to get away from them.  I have done it tho.  I even moved to a new city and I cannot begin to tell you the positive changes in me since eliminating those relationships.  I now have a job working at a hotel doing housekeeping and I LOVE it!  I love what I do and I like the people I work with.  Everyone has been great in my new town with a few exceptions but you are always going to have that.  I got an apartment up here about 3 weeks ago.  It's a smaller studio type place with a murphy bed even (one that folds out of the closet).  I am enjoying life and working on rebuilding from losing everything to get away from those toxic relationships.  However, those things are all materialistic and I can get all of those back.  I am soooo much healthier now, the progress is amazing.  I have a lot of things to still work thru but I'll get there.  Right now it is summer and I am LOVING it.

As far as stitching goes, I have picked up the needle again.  I'm not stitching as much as I'd like quite yet but between work, household responsibilities and my social life it's been hard to find the time.  I'm doing well tho.  I wanted to update you on Sapphire since it's been so long.  She was kind of hidden away to make sure she was safe and with me through all of this.  I haven't really had a good place to get her out and work on her due to being on friend's couches and worse since October.  Now that I have my own place I can spread her out and get busy.  This is where I'm starting today.  I almost have Page 3 done so stay tuned for that update.  It looks like my grid lines got wet so I will have to find my marker and remark those but I will have to search for that or purchase a new one.  I even took her out of my q-snaps to get a few pictures.  Feels great to have her out again.

My friend Clare also RAKed me a chart for a stitch along through Love Thy Thread.  There were 5 charts to choose from and I picked the Stained Glass one so I will be posting updates to that one as well.  With this SAL we get one page per month and work on that until the next page comes out.  It just started on the 1st of June and I'm not doing too bad.  Thank you Clare for the lovely gift.  I have also been getting quite a few girls I chat with on a daily basis to stitch.  Between me, Sherry and Clare always talking about stitching it was just natural for them to get interested.  However they are great enablers and I could be in trouble for doing this but we will see.  Here is the sample pic of the SAL - Stained Glass:

I really like this one because I can choose my own colors.  I am pretty good with color and have a natural ability with it so I'm just gonna pull a color out of my stash and add it into this project as I go along.  I stayed up way too late last nite working on it but here is where I am as of today.  Once I get a bit more done on Sapphire I will go back to this.  Here's the pics of where I'm at:

I got my very first smartphone when I started working and since I can't find my camera charger and the battery is dead it was hard to take pictures to update this.  Now that I have settled things and started rebuilding to the point where I have a roof over my head and space to spread out and call my own I should be stitching a lot more.

Anyway I hope you like my progress, and I do have a few more smaller projects that I do when I'm waiting at work that I can take with me.  Sometimes we have to wait for linens at work and I always have some project with me and will pull it out whether I'm waiting there or anywhere.  I will be updating soon!



  1. Hi! Just found your blog through the LTT facebook page, and I'm certainly looking forward to reading what you get up to :) I'm glad that life seems to be good for you now, fingers crossed that it stays that way for a long long time

  2. Thank you! It's been a tough road but I've made it. Stitching and my friends (who are more like my family) are what helped be my backbone when I didn't have one and my boys gave me a reason to keep going. Things are on the upward swing!

  3. Doesn't it feel wonderful to eliminate toxic people from out of your life? I totally "get" how you feel. It's almost like surfacing from a very, very deep pool. You feel so light and buoyant.

    Congrats on picking up your stitching again. I'm looking forward to seeing Sapphire. I've long since considered doing her myself.

    1. Exactly Rai Rai! It's an amazing feeling. I'm going to work on some housework then hopefully work on my stitching tonight. Housework shouldn't take me too long.



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