Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally Page 1, Row 5 is DONE!

Except for 1 stitch that I can't seem to find the color for, Page 1, Row 5 is done.  Took me awhile to get this row done as I wasn't feeling good there for awhile and just plain didn't feel like stitching.  A few days ago I forced myself to just pick it up and do 15 mins and finally just now got my row finished.  I seem to be missing the color 939 in my project bag so will be going to the store hopefully sometime this week to grab that color.  I must have skipped it on the color number page when purchasing the threads to begin with.  I'm sure my Ben Franklins will have it.  Anyway here are the update pictures!

Oh I almost forgot.  I was searching around for the color 939 and FOUND stacked cups project.  I can now work on that in my spare time.  Right SPARE time.  But I have located it and cannot wait to finish it.  I will try to figure out where I missed up on that one and I'm sure I'll have some frogging (unstitching) to do!  Here are the pics of Sapphire!



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