Friday, October 19, 2012

Fabric and Thread!

I have not had a chance to start this project yet because I still need to go purchase the fabric and threads.  I get paid tomorrow (technically today) and my first stop post the bank will be the craft store to pick up the supplies for this project.  Then I plan on starting it as soon as I get home from the craft store.  I am sooo excited and cannot wait to post a picture of my first few stitches!  I will probably here with start pictures tomorrow afternoon.  For now I need to figure out what count fabric I will be doing and if I will be doing over 1 or over 2.  I am pretty sure I will be doing 25 count fabric.  I also need to decide if I am doing aida cloth or even weave.  So many decisions to make on this.  I will be letting you know probably tonight or maybe when I have my start pictures!


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