Thursday, December 27, 2012

Page 2 Row 5 done...

It's about time for me to be done with a row and update with pictures! LOL  With Christmas and everything this row took me longer than I liked but it's done.  I'm not just doing the background anymore so the color changes are slowing me down a bit but I'm still progressing.  Add into the fact that my mental health disabilities are acting up, including ADHD and Bipolar.  It took me all day to do about 250 stitches yesterday!  I'm doing better today but still struggling but at least I can focus better today!  Let's hope I can keep focused today on stitching.  Here's the pics...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Page 2 Row 4 DONE!

I just finished stitching another row!  Took me a few days this time as I spent the weekend with my boys so couldn't stitch.  I had a blast and hope to make up for the loss of stitching time.  I am starting to get into confetti so that's slowing me down a tad!  Here's the pics...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Page 2 Row 3 FINISHED!

I just finished stitching my 3rd row on page 2!  That means I did a row in less than a day!  I do want to say to not expect an update on my Saturday or Sunday (I'm in the US) because I will be staying the nite at my aunt's house with my 4 boys and won't be taking my stitching.  I plan to enjoy that time with my boys!  So the next post from me should be on Monday or Tuesday I'd guess.  Here's the pics!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Post in one day!

We are having a blizzard here so I spent all day stitching.  I just finished up Row 2 on Page 2.  Here's the update pics!

Page 2 Started...

Man, doing just the background on this project goes so much faster than doing the actual design with all of the confetti.  I just got Page 2, Row 1 done!  It's going much faster than the last few rows on the last page, I'm deal with mostly one color of thread with a few accents added in!  Here's the pics!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I am so excited to announce that I just finished PAGE 1 of Sapphire!  I can't believe I've done a whole page already.  That's over 7,800 stitches!  There are 42 pages (not all full pages, some are partial pages) in this chart and I'm done with one of them!  I need a shower first but then I will start on page 2.  Here's the pics!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Page 1 Row 8 of Sapphire is DONE!!

I just finished stitching the next Row on Page 1 of Sapphire!  I actually got to use some bright colors in the last two squares!  I think I see the gem in the upper left corner appearing!  Here are the update pics I just took...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pleased to announce!...

that Stacked Cups is DONE!  I just finished cup the last backstitch a few mins ago and took pics.  I'm so excited to have finished this project!  I want to thank Sherry for pushing me to get it done!  I'm glad it is tho and this will give me more time to focus on Sapphire.  I do plan on working on Sapphire yet today just have to do a few things around the house first, like wrap Christmas presents for the boys.  I appreciate all of the support and/or comments I've gotten to get this far on BOTH of my projects and for you guys to see the completed project pictures!  Here they are...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Page 1, Row 7 DONE!

I've been a busy lil stitching bee again.  I just finished the next row, Row 7 on Page 1 of Sapphire.  The last 7 stitches all being one-stitch wonders (as I call them) but I got em done.  Here are the pictures.  I have been rotating Sapphire with Stacked Cups so they get equal attention.  Plan on some pictures soon of Stacked Cups!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Stacked Cups DONE minus Backstitching!!

Well after I took the most recent pics of the Stacked Cups project, I have continued stitching on it.  I was almost done when my thread frayed and split so I had to unstitch a bit to make it right but got it all done.  The bottom cup now has a handle and saucer and the left side and bottom borders are done!  I just have the backstitching left to do!!  Here are the pics!!

I also have only 300 stitches left in the next row of Sapphire.  Now I'm not sure if I should go back to Sapphire or work on the backstitching of Stacked Cups.  Such decisions!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stacked Cups Update

Well I've been a busy little stitching bee the last 12 hours.  Not only did I do 200 stitches on Sapphire, but I found my mistake in Stacked Cups way back there in the pattern so I unstitched AGAIN since my last update on this project.  But I persevered and got the 3rd cup (not the saucer or handle) DONE!!  I'm so proud of myself.  I'm so close to being done with the x's on this project.  I just have the handle and saucer on the 3rd and final cup, and 1/2 of the border and the x's are done!  Then there's just backstitching.  I'm so happy Sherry has put me up to this as I will finally finish a project (only my 2nd this YEAR and #8 in my LIFE TIME!  I had to take pics to show you my 3rd cup after so much unstitching!  Here are the pics of Stacked Cups.

So I think I'm going to take a break and return to Sapphire for a 100 stitches or so and come back to Stacked Cups!  Stay tuned for a FINISH!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Page 1, Row 6 Done!!

Finally finished up the next row!  Got Page 1, Row 6 completed just now.  Here are the pics for that!

I also unstitched the mistake area on 'Stacked Cups'.  I plan to pick that up next and get a lil done on it!

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